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His name is Bilal Seifullah Muhammad. He is the Program Director for the San Diego Salvation Army’s STEP Program, a transitional housing program for men.  He graduated from San Diego State University in 1993 with degrees in Police Science and African Studies. He is the father of two, a son and a daughter whom he raised as a single dad. He is a community activist and advocate. Bilal spends his off work time pursuing knowledge in the social service field and is a dedicated and committed spiritual man. A Muslim, Bilal transcended his life while serving time in Prison for drug sales. He came out, applied himself wholeheartedly to obtaining his degrees and never looked back. He has taught Pre Parolee Classes at Donovan State Prison as well as lectured on independent living and applying healthy wellness in ones lifestyle. Bilal is also a credentialed television producer and has hosted his own talk show and helped to produce other talk format productions.

Dedicated to his life in service to God, Bilal is a member of the Masjid Taqwa. He is always in learning attending various religious trainings and classes as well as services at his temple as well as other temples nationally. Having recently returned from HAJ, (the fifth pillar of Islam is a pilgrimage to Mecca during the month of Dhu al-Hijja; at least once in a lifetime a Muslim is expected to make a religious journey to Mecca and the Kaaba; "for a Muslim the hajj is the ultimate act of worship" ), Bilal came back enthused, grateful to Allah for his life and ready for the next chapter in his life.

No matter what your past, tomorrow brings about greater possibilities, if you only believe and put in the work to achieve...dreams do come true. I STAND honors Bilal Seifullah Muhammad as a REAL LIFE HERO.

Roxie Deku, Publisher